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SIJJL’s Beige Pom Pom Trapper Hat

SIJJL's Beige Trapper Hat

SIJJL’s Beige Pom Pom Trapper hat’s outer shell is all natural wool, inside lining is mostly soft faux-fur and partially fleece. The tassel pom poms make the  trapper hat stylish; one can’t resist playing with them.
SIJJL’s Trapper hat design is inspired by Russian hats that are designed to withstand the wildly cold Siberian winters.  Hence, whether you are on a ski slope or on a hiking trail or at a stripmall shopping during the winter season, or ice-skating at Rockefeller center in NYC during Holidays, the Trapper hat sure will keep you warm and comfortable while keeping you in touch with the current fashion.

Buy SIJJL’s Beige Trapper hat at:

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Super cute Beanies for the Fall fashion

SIJJL's gray/white striped beanie

This is what Holly Darling, a tastemaker and a fashion blogger at said about Beanies for the fall fashion, “Oh, how I adore beanies! I mean, yeah, they’re really good for covering up dirty hair or bad hair days. But they are also super cute and in style for the fall season!”

Check out SIJJL’s beanies at:

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SIJJL’s Surprise Hats

“Surprise me with SIJJL’s hats…”

SIJJL's colorful and natural color surprise hats

If you like surprises or like to surprise your friends and family, treat yourself or treat them with SIJJL’s “Surprise Hats”.
We offer the surprise hats in two color groups: 1) Natural color 2) Bright colors.  Once we receive an order from you, we pick a “Surprise Hat” from our pool of 50 best selling designs and ship it to you promptly.   It is very common for a customer to order multiple “Surprise Hats” at the same time.
The basic features of the hats are: earflaps to keep your ears warm, three tassels, full fleece lining to make the hat soft and comfortable, and hand-knit with natural wool.

Order them at

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