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True Winter Essentials

Warm #Woolen #Beanies : shop.SIJJL.com

true winter essentials

true winter essentials

Cute and cozy #coats and a stylish pair of #boots!
True #Winter essentials! 🙂
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Cool Fall Wear & Accessories

Cool Fall wear & accessories to make you stand out! It has softness as well as edginess at the same time! 🙂


#Fall #fashion #shopping #beanie #boots #accessories #polyvore

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For your Cold Weather Look

4 things every college girl must know when dressing up for winter:
college girl
You meet your new best friend: Layers!

Make your beanies and mufflers/scarves your signature style statement.

Boots! Don’t forget a nice pair of BOOTS!

You can shop the beanie/scarf at: http://bit.ly/HWUppk

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