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Glorious Layers and Beanie for your Winter Wardrobe!!!

To be chic on winters, wear layers, SIJJL’s adorable, soft and fluffy beanies, and headbands!

Layers, headbands, and Beanies

Wear Layers, Beanies and Headbands

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Gear up for the SNOW!

Gear up for the SNOW!

Who doesn’t love snow! It’s snowing people and you guys better be well-equipped with your warm and cozy winter wear! You must remember to wear the three core layers of clothing rather than just one thick item.

The first layer is the base layer, that wicks moisture away from your skin and to the outer layer where it can evaporate. The second layer traps the warm air. Thicker the layer, warmer you’ll be! The last outer layer is your protection from the elements minimizing the heat loss from wind and snow.

The featured beanie is: Slouchy Cable Knit PomPom Beanie

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For your Cold Weather Look

4 things every college girl must know when dressing up for winter:
college girl
You meet your new best friend: Layers!

Make your beanies and mufflers/scarves your signature style statement.

Boots! Don’t forget a nice pair of BOOTS!

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