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Winner of Treasure Hunt- SHERRY


Winner of Treasure Hunt: SHERRY!

A big #announcement!!! We have a #winner from our $1 #Treasure #Hunt!!!#Congratulations SHERRY!!! We hope our #hat is keeping you #warm and comfy!!!

Ladies, you still have a chance!!! Our $1 Treasure Hunt still continues. You can find a hat hidden in our #website that is marked only for $1. If you claim it, you can purchase it for only $1 and #free_shipping! So, HURRY! Click here>>> shop.SIJJL.com

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Get Warm Hats for $1

winter hats

Get warm hats for $1

We crossed 800 likes, ladies! Thank you all! 

We are still running $1 Treasure Hunt in our website! Find the hat with $1 price and get it for only $1 and free shipping!

Visit our website shop.sijjl.com to find Holiday gifts under $40!!!

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Hello Cyber Monday

cyber monday 2014

Ladies, get yourself ready for #CYBER #MONDAY! We are still running our 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING offer in our website, and PLUS, $1 #Treasure#Hunt is still ongoing! Enjoy your #holiday #shopping at shop.SIJJL.comwhere you can get #woolen #hats for half its price, and even better, for just#ONE #DOLLAR!!

P.S. We crossed 600 likes today! THANK YOU very, very much 

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Thanksgiving 2014!!

thanksgiving 2014


Happy #Thanksgiving!!!

Reminder we are still having #One #Dollar #Treasure #Hunt going on! Find the item of $1 in our #website shop.sijjl.com and you’ll own it for only $1 and#Free #Shipping 


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SIJJL HATS is having Holidays Treasure Hunt!

$1 Treasure Hunt

$1 Treasure Hunt

We have one of our products for $1 only in our website! If you find that item, you get to keep it  for $1 and FREE SHIPPING!!! Isn’t that a great deal!

Hurry!!! Get hunting now!!!


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Up For Some Run?

Go runners!

Go runners!

#Boston #One.
Happy Patriots Day and even Happier Marathon Monday!
SIJJL cheers you all!



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In the meantime, grab a beanie!

Flower Crochet Beanie

Flower Crochet Beanie

Put on a pretty smile and our flower crochet beanie to warm up your loved one’s heart 

Take advantage of our 50% off offer! Use the coupon code “newyear2014” in our website https://shop.sijjl.com/

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